Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Welcome to our blog team at EGICF12

Transport systems the world over are confusing enough for first time visitors. But the ticket machine interfaces in Munich take this to a whole new level. Hence, writing this second post sitting on a platform, given the opportunity of more time for blogging by having just missed the train…but just in case you’re starting to think I have some kind of problem with public transport…
Today I’d like to welcome our blog team!
So far, we have:
Beatrice Bressan, Outreach Coordinator from the TOTEM project at CERN;

Agnes Szeberenyi, research fellow at SZTAKI LPDS in Hungary;

Martin Veicherts, working in grid outreach at the University of Copenhagen;

Elizabeth Leake, a technology industry external relations consultant from Chicago;

Sean Crosby, a SysAdmin for the Australian Tier 2 ATLAS site in Melbourne,

Oxana Smirnova, NDGF-CERN Coordinator and associate professor at the High Energy Particle Physics division at Lund University, Sweden.

Joining are the ever-enthusiastic:
Catherine Gater, Dissemnination Manager at EGI,

Zara Qadir, Dissemination Officer for e-ScienceTalk,

Adrian Giordani, Science Writer for iSGTW,

Corentin Chevalier, web-wizard for e-ScienceTalk.

And yours truly, Stefan Janusz, e-Science Impact Reporter, of course!

Sean and Corentin have already posted before I got the chance to upload this post…quick on the blog.
Whew…quite a few. But we could always do with more! If you want to meet up with us, but don’t have the hawk-like eyesight required to read a badge from 50 paces, you can see our faces and more here:
See you soon! Oh, and follow @e_scitalk to get the low-down on what we’re up to…

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