Thursday, May 29, 2008

Welcome to the OGF23 GridCast blog


What's happening at the 23rd Open Grid Forum? What is grid computing really? What can 400 adults talk about for five days that could possibly be that interesting?

One year ago, at OGF20, I knew literally nothing about grid computing (see left!). I had no idea what it was and had to ask my programmer husband for a crash course before my iSGTW job interview. Now, I'm quite a grid computing fan.

Grid, glorious grid?
I hope, through this blog, we can help to spread the word about grid computing. There are so many great things happening, so many feats that grid computing makes possible, applications in medicine, climate science, nanotechnology, particle physics as well as business, the humanities, the entertainment industry and more... Grid computing is creating possibilities where before there were limitations. That's a pretty satisfying thing to be a part of.

Of course it's not all easy. That's another reason GridTalk have created this blog: OGF23 will be the site of much discussion. People will be talking about how best to move forward with grid computing, about the potential stumbling blocks ahead. There will be debate, loaded questions, politics and discussion, lots of coffee, more discussion, maybe some wild arguments and most certainly lots of fabulous Barcelona tapas. This is the kind of thing we want to capture through GridCast blogs.

Read, comment, get involved
I invite you to join in the discourse: be a part of OGF23. Read the blog, post your comments, help to shape the future of grid computing.

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Flavia said...

Ciao People and Grid relatives!
Long time since my last OGF ...
I am getting prepared for the big show, meeting people, exchanging ideas, talking about standards. For the moment a lot of stress preparing presentations and attempting a 20 minute summary of the work done. Would the message go through ? Is it well presented and clear ? Really looking forward to meeting industry and hearing what they have to say about what we are doing...