Monday, June 2, 2008

Cloud Computing Session 1

What would Grid systems look like if VM technology had been available ten years ago? How relevant are the OGF's standards to access built on a Cloud Computing model? These were a couple of the questions that were posed at the end of the first session on Cloud Computing. They were prompted by a talk given by Shantenu Jha describing work done by him, Andre Merzky and Geoffrey Fox analysing the relationships between Grids and Clouds (see Roughly speaking, Clouds offer a simple user view by focussing on a single mode of operation; execute VM, fetch data etc. Whereas, Grids (as currently implemented) seem complex exposing lots of external APIs. Lots of the OGF user access standards provide this simple view and could be applied to Clouds, for example SAGA, BES, HPC BP.

Quote: "Virtualisation is good at producer semantics, OGF at user semantics"

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