Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cloud Computing Session 2

Quick, personal (and possibly a bit unfair to the presentation) thoughts from this session which described a study that compared the EGEE offerings to Amazon's Cloud (AWS). Seems a bit like apples and oranges but with some ability to cross-fertilise. EGEE, and other grids, have lots of high level services e.g. Virtual Organisations to control access to shared resources ( VOMS), that are significantly beyond the Cloud offerings. But Virtual Machine images would be a boon to Grid Administrators easing application deployment and the need to install differing OS versions (just do it on a VM image and push that out for each application).

Active question and answer session:

This was followed by a discussion of trust on the Cloud. Will companies put private data in the Cloud? Do we need a supplier security - rather than the provider security model as at present? Or will it just happen?

How attractive is the simple programming model offered by AWS? Does it lead to better application? Should we consider what models the programmers of the future, the Web 2.0 generation, will be prepared to program with? (and is this the Cloud model?)

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