Thursday, June 5, 2008

Of mice and men

What was it the poet said, best laid schemes o' mice an' men.
So I am chairing the grid storage management group (GSM-WG) and I had planned, after a brief introduction, to go through a technical document describing issues with the protocol, an updated writeup from the OGF22 session.
But the people who showed up for GSM-WG were more interested in the introductory material, so we spent the whole session talking about architecture, use cases, practical uses, interoperability, security, and other good things. Many people asked for further references or asked about related topics, also afterwards. We didn't cover my technical document, but that's OK, the group process moves ahead anyway. We also had an update from ASGC on the SRM interface to SRB: this will be good for interoperability because an SRB can then be plugged into a gLite grid as a Storage Element.
People asked intelligent questions and showed an interest in the topic, so I am actually very pleased with how it went.
I am also pleased that I now have no more presentations this week. As another poet said: "Woohoo."

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