Monday, June 9, 2008

OGF Record: Youngest ever Attendant

OGF23 brought on board a number of student scholars funded by CoreGRID & OGF-Europe to lend a hand at registration and report on sessions of interest attended. They are a great bunch of people and OGF-Europe got to know them better at the dinner on Thursday evening. Thanks for a great job, the enthusiasm and Kristi Hamiliton's guidance!

They were also a great help when it came to endorsing student scholarships with the youngest ever OGF attendant, Iris Schott, daughter of Bernhard Schott from Platform Computing. They explained the ins and outs of the student scholarship programme and helped Iris understand what's involved.

Iris, who is 15, attended several sessions to increase her knowledge of grid computing. She was so keen to learn that shopping and sightseeing became less appealing! She is sending OGF-Europe a short report on the conference.

Well done, Iris. Thanks also to mum and dad, Bernhard and Irene Schott, for supporting & empowering the next generation of grid enthusiasts!

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