Monday, June 2, 2008

OMII or not to OMII

The OMII-UK & OMII-EU session allowed these two flagship implementation and co-ordination projects from Europe show how far they had got in the creation of tools and software units that make use of OGF specifications. Shantenu Jha from LSU gave a really good presentation on the SAGA work that is being funding from OMII-UK. This tool is essential if we are going to move the use of grids and cyberinfrastrucutures out from the high level developers towards those area which build their own applications but are primarily domain researchers in e-Science or industry.

After the break the session continued with a description of the OGSA-DAI project from OMII-UK. Mike Jackson gave the talk. Sergio Andrezotti then talked about GLUE 2.0 and the GLUEMAN tool. The key thing that was shown from this though was that tools and software would need to be instrumented to publish compatible info.
Steve McGough described the status of GridSAM which is a tool for presentation of a JSDL compatible interface to the outside world. (Since I work on this project then I must declare an interest :)) The newest developments were described. Moving onto the original questions from Neil further examples of usage of the product were given.

All in all good to see people talking about actual implementations of standards as well as the support for getting useful standards through the OGF process!!

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