Saturday, July 5, 2008

Arrived in Hungary

Good evening,

I arrived in Hungary and saw today a bit of the beautiful capital Budapest. The picture below shows the view from the castle distrect to the Pest side.

Although the internet does not work in the room it works in the reception area :-). So I am sitting there, sipping some wine and preparing myself for the summer school tomorrow with my colleague André.

As promised some more info about my work: I am working in the Fraunhofer Insitut SCAI and at the moment mostly in the EU project BEinGRID. BEinGRID stands for Buisness Experiments in Grid and the major goal is to equip SMEs with grid solutions; grid topics like Licence Management, SLAs, Security ... are developed and collected in a repository Gridipedia.
Currently I focus on Licence Management which is a really exciting topic.

That's it for today: Good night and in about 15 hours I will be @the summer school. I will tell you the impressions of the first day tomorrow night ... same place: for sure - same time? let's see...

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