Friday, July 25, 2008

Almost back to everyday life ...

I also would like to write a final post. First of all I would like to emphasis that the school was simply great! To see all different technologies and to meet all these interesting people was a unique experience. Thanks to all that made the effort to organize the school!

I think I still need some time to review everything that was covered within the two weeks and I hope that the videos of the presentations will be made available to us, s.t. I can check on one thing or the other.

It was very hard to settle in back home again and to go back to everyday life. After one week I am almost back on the usual track, but I will always remember these two special weeks and try my best to apply all the things that I learned there.
An immediate success of the school for me personally is that everybody has a hard time seeing stuff for the first time and that it takes some time to get acquainted with new technologies.

I hope that there will be collaboration in the future in different projects with people that were at the school. I am quite sure to see the one or the other person in different EU projects or at conferences.

I would be really happy if everyone would join the ISSGC08 Facebook group that Vibhor created, that would definitly help to stay in touch. There are currently 32 members, so there is already a solid basis of people that were at the school, but room for many more :-)

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