Monday, July 14, 2008

First interview of ISSGC'08 : Ben Sterrett

This is an interview of Ben Sterrett, who is a student at ISSGC'08, and also a blogger here.
He was very courageous to want to be the first in front of my camera !

The questions asked here are :
- Who are you? Where are you from?
- Why are you at ISSGC’08?
- How do you see the future of grid computing?
- How do you see your future in grid computing?
- What are 3 highlights from ISSGC’08?

In fact, Ben is really interesting to listen !
Thanks Ben...


rawbin said...

That man is so handsome & articulate.

Cristy Burne said...

I agree :-) An impressive interview...thanks Ben! :-)

James said...

Noice. To really succeed, though, idle cycles must no longer be called idle cycles. Rather, we should refer to them as "Cycles".

Your totally famous now.