Monday, July 28, 2008

Green grid computing competition: free entry!

Want to put your recently honed grid computing skills and ingeniously creative mind to good use? Enter Grid Computing Now!'s Green Grid Computing competition.

You must be a UK resident to enter (sorry), but entry is free, free, free. (I like free stuff!)(Especially good free stuff, like this).

Can students enter? Yes! There's a whole track devoted to "IT non-professionals" (who are "recent graduates, students or research students") (Plus there's a track for "IT professionals" if you're a better fit for that category :-))

What do I have to do? Impress them with your ideas about using grid computing (a service for sharing computer power and data storage capacity over the Internet, in case you missed that lecture ;-)), for a greener future. How can grids can be applied to environmental issues? Which issues could benefit from a huge amount of raw processing power to calculate massive data sets? Get creative!

Prizes include a one-year membership to the British Computer Society, a mentor from industry to help you progress your idea, a week long internship at the National e-Science Centre at the University of Edinburgh, a Sony VAIO or Xbox 360 and a one-year limited subscription to The 451 Group’s EcoEfficient and Grid services research. what are you waiting for? Get out there and win something while you work your brain to make the world a better place! Go grids!

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