Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Integrated Practical

So we have finished the integrated practical!!!

I was planning to explain the strategy we followed here in the blog, but I think it's better to leave it for tomorrow's presentation...

What I can say is that the main difficulty of the practical was finding out how to use the specific technology... Once you knew how to submit a job it was quite easy.

I worked with gLite and Globus, and the easiest one for me was gLite. I guess the fact that it's the only one I've used during the 10 months I've been working helps a lot :-)

It took me a bit longer to find out how to do the same in Globus, but once I got it it was easy...

And finally here is the winning team with the last pillar......

Good luck to the rest of teams!!!


corentin chevalier said...

Congratulation! Impressive work...

Cristy Burne said...

Rock and roll Dotterel. I wrote you a poem:

Ode to Dotterel
Once there was a team called Dotterel
Their teamwork was really hot(trel)
They found 25 pillars
They worked like trained killers
Their time record will not be forgot(trel)


Malcolm said...

Team dotterel you know
has a right to crow,
ardent their crew
through the exercise flew,
but decoding it they choose to forgo.