Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's all about People!

Besides the large amount of technologies available out there, the driving force underpinning Grid Computing is people. This is what came up during the first days of the school.

During the very first talk on Monday, Malcom Atkinson underlined that collaboration is the key. The real challenge of Grid is to make teams of people effectively work together.

The following up Web 2.0 session rode the same wave: Dave De Roure presented several web2.0-empowered tools, but he clearly stated that "the new tool is the people!"

Yesterday was the one-day Condor session. Miron Livny talk started with the following definition of cyberInfrastructure (a.k.a. eScience): "a technological solution to the problem of efficiently connecting data, computers, and people"

Finally in the poster session Andre' van Cleeff put forward a personal idea called "DSN - Distributed Social Network". Basically it's a solution which introduces better privacy in web 2.0 applications by allowing people to manage their private data. If interested, he is looking for collaboration on this topic.

Sticking to the social topic, juggling training sessions will be held if asked for ;)
I found out that other guys - such as Armando and Andre - are excellent jugglers (much better than me, for sure!)
My bet is that anyone can learn how to juggle by the end of the school. Unfortunately we have only 3 juggling balls (the one I brought here), but you can easily steal apples and oranges at the canteen downstairs :)

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Cristy Burne said...

Nice post! I totally agree with what you've said...I'd love to know about the poster session: what other posters were there? What did others think of the posters on display?