Monday, July 14, 2008


I love pizza. Unlike some people, I'm not attached to a single style of pizza, but I enjoy a very wide variety of pizza. So of course, I had to try Hungarian pizza. I got a lovely pizza with two kinds of Hungarian meats (salami and pepperoni), with a spicy paprika on top. Erwin Laure is displaying the pizza for me.

I find it unusual that the pizza here is served with ketchup.


Cristy Burne said...

I love pizza with ketchup (actually I can't even spell ketchup). My pizza (vegetarian with pineapple) was also A-OK, and vastly improved by massive chillis (which Corentin ate whole by mistake)

PS: Has anyone seen my vegemite? I left it at breakfast on Monday. Goodbye great eggs on toast :-/

corentin chevalier said...

For my part I love pizza too, but I can't imagine it with ketchup; and about the chilis, it was a very difficult experience for me... I'll remember Hungrian pizzas like that : good but so spiced !

(And Cristy, sorry about your vegemite... Perhaps you could use grid computing to find it ?)