Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I arrived at the school today. My travel was smooth, other than the fact that the transfer service was an hour late picking me up. Apparently there was bad traffic. I didn't mind very much because it gave me the opportunity to figure out how to use a Hungarian payphone, which was fun.

I learned how to say thank you in Hungarian: köszönöm, which is pronounced something like kuh-suh-num. Three people taught me, and I promptly forgot within 15 minutes after each one told me. I finally wrote it down, and will hopefully remember now.

Tonight after dinner there was a lovely sunset over the lake. It was quiet and peaceful.

After enjoying the lake, I went inside to look over my presentation for tomorrow. I think it's in good shape. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow someone will blog about how painful my presentation was. Maybe I should run through it one more time...


Sebastien Goasguen said...

I am sure your presentation will be fine Alain, they always are.

David said...

Nice use of the refections in the lake.
It hasn't been that calm very much of the time ;-)