Tuesday, July 8, 2008

UNICORE and other stuff

Today we talked about UNICORE. We had several presentations and some hours of workshop this afternoon. We managed to submit so many jobs that the 2 servers were totally overloaded and did not respond anymore. These are the typical signs that you deal with grid computing ;-) - nothing is working like you expect it to work! A good thing about this excercise was, that I got to know my team mates better.

I continued a bit with my google maps excercise, but I am still not done. I will keep working on it, it is fun. 

Today the first posters were put up. I am not sure if I should put mine, since it is totally different from the others. Plus it got totally creased from travelling. Let's see...

Tonight I will go to bed really early, because I am again totally tired. I think I cannot make it to town with the others tonight. Too bad! But tomorrow I think I will join them no matter how. Today I did not take any pictures there were not many new (visual) impressions.


benc said...

yes put up poster!

Cristy Burne said...

Yes please! :-)