Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Counting down to EGEE'08: some sessions to tempt you

Everything is now set for the EGEE’08 conference - the major European grid event of the year. You can still register online

But if you can’t come to Istanbul, we have teamed-up with the GLOBAL project to broadcast the plenary sessions and EGI workshop over the internet:

There are many parallel sessions at EGEE08, and below are a few that you may not have noticed but will certainly be interesting:

Thursday 25th, 14:00. Working with journalists: how to promote your success stories to the media

Sometimes the easiest way to write about your science is to get someone else to do it for you. But how do you make your science attractive to the reporter and the public? Attend this session and become more media savvy. The panel will feature a journalist from The Economist newspaper with experience in putting science in the spotlight, along with members of the EGEE collaboration who have worked with the media to promote their science.

Thursday 25th, 16:00. Beating the drum: your trials, tribulations and tips for successful grid dissemination

The session will tackle spreading the grid message to business users and the general public. A lively panel discussion will feature grid communicators, including representatives from the GridTalk project, and will encourage audience members to share their own experiences of dissemination success.

Monday, 14:00. Grid and Business Plenary

In the opening Business Track plenary, Erwin Laure, EGEE Technical Director, will present EGEE’s vision and roadmap for commercial adoption. Charles Brett, Forrester, offers insight into Forrester's view on Grids, Cloud Computing and Ultra Modular Computing in a commercial environment. Imense, a UK-based SME, presents a use case illustrating how grid access can level the playing field for new companies wishing to demonstrate internet scale technology. David Sinclair will illustrate how involvement with EGEE, and funding from STFC PIPSS, have served as a catalyst enabling Imense to raise commercial funding and turn an idea into a business. The increasing interest surrounding cloud computing, and its relation to grids, makes the Business Track and a conference keynote especially timely.

Other sessions in the Business Track on Monday and Tuesday will explore the challenges and opportunities for businesses engaging with grid technology.

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SalviamoilParcoGramsci said...

Hi everyone,
I am thrilled and excited by EGEE08, since as every time, the annual EGEE conference is a major occasion to exchange experiences and get in touch with people.

I hope the bridge I am working on will also be included in the list of "new bridges to be built" : the bridge between the IPv4 internet world and the IPv6 one.

IPv6 is coming for real and I think EGEE-III is a major chance to nake gLite IPv6 compliant.

So: good luck to the bridge between the old and the new internet protocol.
Mario Reale.