Thursday, September 25, 2008

EGEE'08 Virtual Tour : conclusion

It's the time for us to conclude this Virtual Tour session for EGEE'08;
I hope you enjoyed it, and that it would be helpful for the future...
I'm sorry for the firsts presentations, which have a very bad sound quality; in fact we had a little problem with our microphone. And I'm afraid that some presentations haven't been published, because we can't understand what is said; sorry again !

In any case, you could find all the videos here :

Here is the list of all the projects presented :Thanks to all these persons for their participation; I hope we could complete these informations on some next events...


Cristy Burne said...

Well done Corentin! A massive effort...Thanks for your hard work in spreading the grid word :-)

corentin chevalier said...

Thank you very much Cristy!
Nevertheless, I'm really disappointed with these sound problems... Going to do better on next event!

José Luis Vázquez-Poletti said...

Corentin, you have to tell me what do you have for breakfast... what an energy for carrying the camera and doing interviews in so that little time!!!

corentin chevalier said...

Thank you!
I take nothing more than loving my job !!!