Monday, September 22, 2008

European Grid Initiative, the Long Bridge to Completeness

At Ataturk Hall the European Grid Initiative Transition Workshop is going to finish. I would like to point out the efforts of this initiative. One of my favorite definitions of our work is "to build the biggest computer ever in the world", by using the whole planet (which is not something new, actually).

National Grid Initiatives have been set up, many of them working at production state, many also as a result of joining regional infrastructures. Now it's time to align our efforts for creating a World Wide Grid. It's not easy, as we are dealing with different middleware and standards (even having some solutions for this), but it's the next goal. Returning to the workshop, I would remark the talk called Transition from existing infrastructure projects to EGI from Dr. Jones. If you missed this one, consider taking some minutes and checking the slides, they are a "must read".

Grids of the World: Unite!

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