Thursday, November 20, 2008

Computer god

How have I not used this title before?
Anyway it's the final day of the exhibition, we are working towards a state of having no freebies or leaflets, so that's a good sign. It has quietened down a little and I may actually get some emails sent today.
Strange story from last night though. We ended up in a bar on 6th st where we were getting a 3 beer round for $6 (including a $1 tip) after getting a few in we were approached by a young lady who told us we could earn ten dollars for 3 minutes work. Being cynical we declined initially but watching the other tables it was a 5 question "quiz" where they hand you a $10 bill afterwards (the equivalent of 2 rounds). We decided to do it th next time we were asked and we were $10 richer.
Oh yeah the pigeon returned yesterday too:

And I threw up some more pictures.
Later days,