Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Realist Surrealist

Day 3 - It's 4.30pm at home but only 10.30am here (which I suppose isn't too bad). The exhibition is only opening but we're already busy with people checking out the freebies, a few informal meetings and the sheer amount of Italians on the INFN stand (who we are co-located with). We may see business peak today as people slowly move towards the back and corners having swarmed over the booths near the front yesterday. I said I'd get some photos of our freebies so they are up on my Flickr with more photos from yesterday.

Yesterday was good I think we got a lot done and talked to a lot of people. Afterwards there were invites to a Platfrom/Red Hat/Dell/Intel food partay (yes a partay) in a bar/restaurant called Iron Cactus. Where I'd actually gone to lunch that day so myself and two of the other UK people decided to skip it (for our sanity? No comment). Instead we decided to do that most American/English of pastimes, shopping.

Off we went to Barton Creek Mall. Thankfully I had no real need to get anything as my bank had decided to lock my ATM card so I couldn't get any money out and didn't have the bank's number, hmmmm. Thankfully computers and Cupertino saved the day, into an Apple store quick check of the free Internet and ta-da an unlocked bank card. Andy who was with me had the same issue so thanks Apple even if we did look uber-dodgy constantly entering and leaving the store on our phones :-) .

Once the money issue was sorted I didn't actually buy anything other than dinner:

Hotdog and chili cheese fries, tasty. It was actually quite nice, OK it's not real cheese or chili and the hotdog meat didn't necessarily have a definitive origin but isn't that what mall food is about? Well apparently not my colleagues had a sensible freshly cooked Japanese meal.

At this stage the mall was closing so we went off to the cinema and saw Madagascar 2. Yes the kids film, not much else on I swear. Quick review? Needs more penguin.

Well I better go make sure everything is sorted for the rest of the day.

Later days,

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