Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day 2 at ieee e-Science 2008

Yesterday afternoon I attended the workshop on “Project Management and User Engagement” which was organised by several people from the Oxford e-Research Centre and David Abramson from Monash University in Australia. Dimitrina Spencer from oerc was our host yesterday and chaired a very interesting workshop consisting of 9 presentations.

The presentations covered many different themes and aspects of working with disparate groups, how to manage virtual organisations, how researchers find and decide upon potential collaborators, how researchers collaborate remotely and how to develop global networks. I gave a presentation on how the NGS is organised and managed and the challenges that brings to our organisation. It was a really interesting workshop and gave some human perspective on what can sometimes be a very technology focused area. It provided the missing human element!

All the presentations from the entire conference are being streamed live over the internet and have been recorded so the presentations from yesterday will be online soon. If you aren’t able to make ieee but are interested in seeing what you missed then visit this website for a list of speakers and presentations. The conference is on until Friday so there are a lot more presentations to come!

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