Thursday, January 15, 2009

CLoud-bursting: What really Matter?

Amidst all this debate on what is and isn’t a cloud, we may fail to see that the confusion has its advantages, as it means that more commercial possibilities can exist at the same time. So what really matters?

On the upside, the use of cloud computing will probably be driven by the real benefits it delivers and the ease with which it can be integrated and managed. Some believe web-based, middle-sized companies will be among the early adopters as they are used to running on external data centers.

With IT spending predicted to fall in 2009 and in the current economic climate, cost savings in exchange for real business benefits may be the real winners.

On the downside, service level agreements (SLAs) with liability for data security, regulatory needs and availability are some of the main barriers. Security and vendor-lock in are the others that cast a shadow over clouds.

More views on the big issues from businesses with user experiences and defining best practices are perhaps what really matters. Starting with some key questions on what potential users should be asking.

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