Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Exhibit the Exhibitors!

I have just had a nice conversation with some of the exhibitors in the SSOKU09 Exhibition Area. I was really glad to have their feedback on the what was going on in the Lunch Court Area during the coffee and lunch know....networking and nice conversations always happen when you enjoy tasty food and refreshing drinks!

This is the list of the Exhibitors you SSOKU09 participants had the opportunity to meet:

Pierre-Henri Lagriffoul, CORDIS
Cristy Burne, GridTalk
George Ioannidis, IN2 search interfaces development Ltd
Lyne Cote, NESSI
Karita Luokkanen, Gridipedia
Begoña Laibarra, SQS
Herbert Heinzel, InterQuality
Rainer von Ammon, CITT
Philippe Massonet, Cetic
Rosette Vandenbroucke, Begrid
William Fellows, The 451 group
Teemu Rissanen, RegioPKI

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