Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So what is SOKU anyway?

Anyone else a newbie to the acronym "SOKU"? When I googled it I came up with this:

1) Soku: A traditional West African instrument (see image) used in a type of music called Wassoulou which originated from the region of Wasulu.
2) Soku, Patrice. The designer behind the Canadian label, Soku, known for its clean lines and attention to details, cut and fit (aren't they all?)
3) SOKU: Service Oriented Knowledge Utilities. A flexible, powerful and cost-efficient way of building, operating and evolving IT intensive solutions for use by businesses, science and society (according to a report on an EU report released in 2006).

I'm still not really sure what that actually means, so chatted to Stefano De Panfilis of NESSI at lunchtime to get his this space for the podcast.

Want more opinions on what SOKU might do and be? Check out this opinion piece, by Domenico Laforenza called The Coming Software Ecosystem, from grid computing magazine International Science Grid This Week.

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