Monday, March 2, 2009

"There's a difference between knowing the path..."

"... and walking the path"

You recall the quote entitling this post, don't you? This means that Monday in the OGF25 Agenda is devoted to Tutorials!

Have you decided which ones to attend? No idea? Let me propose you a schedule for this morning!

9:00 - 10:30
What: Elastic Management of a Grid Computing Service with OpenNebula and Amazon EC2
Where: Michelangelo
Your hosts: Tino Vázquez, Javier Fontán and Raúl Sampedro (UCM)

The goal of this tutorial is to provide a global overview of the process of installing, configuring and deploying a typical computing element of a Grid site using a private cloud. It will focus on three key aspects when managing a virtual infrastructure, namely: image management, networking and hypervisors. Additionally the tutorial will address the scale-out of the Grid site by allocating extra capacity on the Amazon EC2. The tutorial is based in open source cloud components and includes hands-on exercises.

Basically, this will give you an idea for setting a Grid infrastructure and preparing you for the next tutorial I'm proposing you.

11:00 - 12:30
Porting Applications with Globus GridWay
Where: Da Vinci
Your Hosts: Alejando Lorca and me (UCM)

The GridWay Metascheduler enables large-scale, reliable and efficient sharing of computing resources (clusters, computing farms, servers, supercomputers…), managed by different LRM (Local Resource Management) systems, such as PBS, SGE, LSF, Condor…, within a single organization (enterprise grid) or scattered across several administrative domains (partner or supply-chain grid). GridWay is a Globus project, adhering to Globus philosophy and guidelines for collaborative development and so welcoming code and support contributions from individuals and corporations around the world.

The aim of the tutorial is to provide a global overview of the process of installing, configuring and using GridWay. It also focuses on the development of codes using the C and JAVA bindings of the DRMAA OGF standard. The development of codes using DRMAA assures compatibility of applications with other management systems that implements the standard. During the tutorial, you would receive a practical overview of the agenda topics, having the opportunity to exercise GridWay functionality with examples on a real grid infrastructure.

Wait a minute... you weren't interested in tutorials from the beginning? Then I strongly recommend you the Session named "Metascheduling Architectures for NGIs" that will be held in Da Vinci Room at 9:00. There, Eduardo Huedo (UCM) will host a forum for representatives of Grid infrastructures using GridWay to present their experiences, architectures and results. At this very moment, representatives from the Spanish NGI, UABGrid (US), SURAgrid (US) and KIAE Grid (Russia) have confirmed their participation.

That's all for this morning proposals... Enjoy OGF25/EGEE4UF!


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