Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Digital Repositories Workshop, Wednesday 4 March, 4-7pm

What do OGF, OGF-Europe, DReSNET and OMII-UK have in common?
The answer is Digital Repositories, the focus of a joint Workshop this afternoon (kicking off at 4 and ending at 7, in time for drinks and dinner).

Along with a team of DR experts, these four organisations explore how distributed computing and OGF standards are a key enabler Digital Repository (DR)development and deployment, with the ultimate goal of setting up a dedicated, community-driven Group within OGF.

Former EGEE Technical Director, Erwin Laure,now director of PDC-HPC at KTH in Stockholm, Sweden chairs the opening session, setting the scene on data interoperability & challenges with an overview of OGF's Data Working Groups (4pm). Mark Hedges from King's College London then takes the floor for a look at Fedorazon, DRs in the Cloud!

After that, the Workshop evaluates real use cases and best practices with a talk by Matt Zumwalt from MediaShelf on visions, best practices and community collaboration around the Fedora Commons. Reagan Moore from the University of North Carolina presents his expertise on policy based data management with Antonio Calanducci, INFN, offers insight into grid enabled Digital Libraries for cultural heritage.

After a coffee networking break, it is back to more on use cases with talks focusing on the role of standards for repository services, presented by Jens Jensen from the STFC. Roberto Cossu, European Space Agency, offers an environmental perspectives, while Pasquale Paganino, ISTI CNR sheds light on data infrastructure interoperability and standards in the EU projects, DRIVER II and D4Science. Neil Chue Hong, OMII UK Director, Chairs.

The Workshop wraps up with a 45 min roundtable discussion on top level challenges, like security, authentication, data formats etc before defining the next steps for DR community close engagement with OGF.

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