Monday, March 2, 2009

Down to Business

Well, it looks like Catania is the place to be for Grid Glorious Grid with sunshine and excellent food all part of the fun!

Bob Jones, EGEE-III Project Director, set the scene for the focus of the User Forum during today's plenary session. With the EGEE grid infrastructure growing in size and quality, it is now time to connect with the larger community in Catania and drive forward long-term, sustainable infrastructures.

The EGEE Business Forum will be focusing on the sustainability of gLite in the commercial sector with important input this week from our Business Associates, Bernhard Schott from Platform Computing, and Nick Trigg, Constellation Technologies, together with experts from the field.

"Observing the markets closely, we believe there is growing demand for real Grid solutions in industry", says Bernhard Schott.

So just what is in store for gLite? Stay posted to find out more!

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