Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First REAL Night at Catania

Monday night. Time for hanging out, but not to much as the day after we had to give talks and demos (and our bosses were coming with us as well ;-D).

We started at the same Osteria from Sunday. It's called Osteria Antica Sicilia and it offers a great variety of fish... and pizza, of course. There, we met about 17 people from different Research Centers from Spain and had great time. My recommendation is to ask the waiter for advice if undecided, he is very polite and will guide you well.

As it was too early (Spanish time) when leaving the Osteria, we moved to a club nearby. It's name is Caffè Ateneo American Bar and its decorated like the 80's (you know, retromodern fashion is coming). At the very beginning it looks narrow, but the barman will guide you to a corridor that ends in a bigger room with a DJ cabin and comfortable sofas. For just 1 Euro, you'll enjoy the authentic Catanian "Rum e Pera" shots (a shot of rum and then a shot of pear juice). However, if you stick to other drinks, you'll see they are very cheap as well. Basically, we were the only people there (if hanging out on Monday night, you must be Spanish or a Conference attendee ;-D) and it was like having a VIP lounge.

A pity we had to return so early, but... there are more days and nights! (dsa-catania)


Unknown said...

For hanging out Monday in Catania you probably have to be both, conference attendee and spanish :) By friday I bet we are all out

José Luis Vázquez-Poletti said...

Local organizers told me here people start hanging out on Wednesdays.

You know what St. Augustine said about local customs ;-).