Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Listening to NSF and the National Cyberinfrastructure by Edward Seidel of NSF

Ed Seidel, apparently started out researching Black Holes, on this way to joining the NSF in the Office of CyberInfrastructure.

He suggests reading CyberInfrastructure Vision for 21st Century Discovery.

From the Executive Summary doing well in some areas and not in others.

Need to go beyond HPC.

Cites growth of computing capacity -- wants to grow user base.

Data Analysis and Visualization -->

Data driven science...

Goal: national digital data frameworkw as integral component of Cyber Infrastructure.

Virtual Org for Distributed Communities....

More than videoconferencing...

Learning and Workforce Development... -- How people learn to work together.

National CI Blueprint -- Track 1, Track 2,
Going beyond TeraGrid...

Loosely coupled computing... OSG, LC, C

Campus Infrastructures in very poor shape so PI's have difficulty getting access.

Great bandwidth from site-to-site but bottlenecks in campus...

Quite a stew of functionalities

Can we tie invest in CI to work in NSF programs?


Need excellent high level vision doc.
Need parts aggressively built out.


OSG a model of a bridge from campus to national Cyber Infrastructure

Related international coopertion EGEE/EGI

Federated Identity Management -- asdsopt a standard mech -- NIH has it

PITAC Report Summary

Plan for OCI...

fill holes in CI data s/w algo network

task forces for campus bridging, etc., over period of 12 to 18 months...

Some words about the stimulus...

ARI and MRI (look on internet) (one shot prgms)


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