Tuesday, March 3, 2009

OGF back to Asia-Pacific region

OGF seems decide that they may not have meeting at Asia-Pacific region any time soon, probably not until year 2011. Not knowing for sure, but I am wondering if OGF may make this decision due to the lower number of participants then it used to have. Be frankly, Asia-Pacific should have more interested parties then OGF believed. Before the OGF24 in conjunction with GridAsia in Singapore, OGF was going through some internal re-organize process - many of the staffs were changed. Plus, for some reason, people couldn't see OGF program/ schedule announced on website or anywhere untill about a week before the meeting started. ~ And, the time between OGF23 and OGF24 is only 3 months, which may just a bit too short to attact participation from Europe and US. There must be many reasons and certain background to cause the lower registration number in OGF24 in Singapore. But, it does not mean that it will happen to all the interested hosting parties in AP regions. Just my very humble thoughts.

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