Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Site administrator's workshop at OSG ALL Hands

Monday has been an intense day for new and experienced site administrators.
After the morning overview all day was full of parallel sessions. Hands on tutorials on how to install full blown computing element, how to test a site and the nitty-gritty of user interaction on the grid. MyOSG, the new web interface for OSG Operations Information Center. Recommendations on how to avoid security problems and how to behave in the event of accidents. Description and use of BeStMan, the Berkeley Storage Manager, that allows to add an SRM interface in front of Xroot or other file systems. And some new tools that can help troubleshooting. Enough to get you hungry and looking forward to a delicious cajun dinner!

The weather was also a nice surprise: warm, sunny and blue skies. Specially welcome given the snow storms that on Sunday troubled the travel of several attendees. My flight was fine, but after leaving Chicago with the snow, today I'm happy to have lunch outside under the sun!

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