Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tuesday at OSG All Hands : full day and social dinner under the stars

Tuesday talks included more technical topics. Panda, AliEn's VO-Box and glidein-WMS were presented to show how OSG is used in production. Several big VOs are using a pull model, different from few years ago when jobs were pushed to the Grid. Some talks gave suggestions on how to deploy new applications on the Grid. Different storage solutions have been compared and users and administrators could compare notes: after the talks some SE admins plan to give a try to Hadoop+BeStMan. US ATLAS and US CMS held their distributed facilities meetings. US ATLAS focused on the role of Tier3s (have a look at Chip Brock's presentation). US CMS focused on storage.
With all this people at reach is easy to discuss problems and make progress. 
In the evening LIGO, our host, invited everyone to a dinner under the stars with seafood and southern specialties including a 
boatload of crawfish (in the picture).
Here on the left OSG's Grid Operation Team that today introduced the new MyOSG portal: one stop location for all your OSG information needs!
Out here is so dark that you can actually see the stars (left)!

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