Monday, March 2, 2009

Virtualization workshop at OSG All hands meeting

This morning I convened a virtualization workshop, one of the sessions to kick off the OSG All Hands meeting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We had a very good attendance, much more than I expected. Representatives from various VOs (CMS, ATLAS, Engage), OSG site and technology providers (e.g Nimbus, IPOP). I attach a snapshot of EVO during David Woliknsky's talk on virtual network.

The full agenda with the slides is available in Indico, we had several talks on the Globus Nimbus cloud system, with several use cases from STAR/ATLAS and from Purdue. Keith Chadwick from FermiGrid talked about high availability services using Xen to consolidate servers among various Fermigrid stakeholders. I presented our work at Clemson on scheduling overlay using KVM, and David presented IPOP as an enabling virtual network technology.

A short panel at the end was the opportunity for discussions, we argued quite a bit on what problem is virtualization trying to adress/solve and whether or not OSG VOs need such technologies. It was agreed to write a Virtualization position paper for OSG with the main concept being that OSG will not prevent the use of virtualization...That's progress...

More tomorrow, I will try to find some users for Clemson grid, try to get some info about NAT setup on large clusters, hunt down John McGee and get a few beers at night.

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