Wednesday, April 8, 2009

BELIEF international symposium: Brazil, July 2009

The second BELIEF international symposium will be held at the Escola Politécnica of the Universidade of São Paulo, Brazil on 16th-17th July 2009. The event will focus on the theme of Future trends in e-Infrastructures applications: towards sustainable development.

The Symposium, organised with the support of the GLOBAL project, will revolve around the
questions on how existing EU–Latin American e-Infrastructure links should evolve in a way that will bring benefits to Latin American development and to the e-Infrastructure cooperation between both regions.

The symposium’s discussions will shape a position paper to be sent to key stakeholders and
decision makers. Your participation would therefore add considerable value in advancing the agenda of e-Infrastructure R&D in Latin American & Europe in a way that can sustain development in both regions.

Thanks to the support of the GLOBAL consortium, interactive remote participations are most welcome. Those who wish to give a presentation remotely via internet (as a remote site via ISABEL), should confirm participation through

Register now to attend the 2nd BELIEF II Symposium.

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