Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Admin? Did someone say Admin?

Do your eyes glaze over when you hear the words "administration"? In EGEE, Admin is an exciting (?!) world of its own. We have to deal with interesting rules and procedures set by the EC, as well as various tools which are not synchronised - as one of the largest projects around, EGEE regularly de-bugs and tests them. Admin in EGEE is over 140 partners, cost claims, formal financial reports, schemes for matching manpower, timesheets... Admin is also a whole host of other documents, deliverables, agreements to draw up and amend as necessary. Basically, we never get bored and always have a new challenge to face.
Who's "We"? Dita Mocova, our financial officer (or Miss Moneypenny as our Director, Bob, calls her); Anna (little me), the administration coordinator of the project, Claire Devereux, our AFC chair and our new recruit, Yasemin Hauser, who is in Barcelona to meet project colleagues and learn the ropes. "We" is also our Administrative Federation Committee colleagues, one representing each federation in the project and we meet quarterly to assess the status of reporting and all admin aspects of the project (I can imagine your eyes glazing over again). As with everything, it's not the subject that matters though, it's the people (Awwwww), and we certainly have a good team working together in the face of deadlines and complex requirements to ensure that after all the hard grind in the activities, partners are rewarded by reimbursement of their costs :-)

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