Thursday, September 24, 2009

Barcelona's Lovely Memories

Yes! You wanted it! You pleaded for it! Here you have my traditional post with some particular visual highlights of the Conference! :-D

"How many Languages would you like to speak?"
"Grid? Cloud?"
OMG! It's an "iHawking"!
Alien, from "Admin helper" to "Ramblas Conqueror".
Real T(h)in Client for the Castellet Server.
"Our new neighbors are very silent... and creepy as well!"
Warning painted on the road (be careful before crossing!).
"I ported these!"
The "Damocles" Lunch.
Today's forecast: "It will be Cloudy over the Spanish Grids".

And that's all, my faithful GridCast readers! I was very happy to be chosen again for sharing with you all my points of view. Thank you very much for reading my posts :-).

At this point, I also would like to thank Manisha (thanks again for the mention at iSGTW!), Danielle (congratulations for the great news!), Corentin (what a pity you weren't here!), Catherine, Cristy, Gillian... it was great to be your fellow blogger. Also, cheers go to people from PIC, for their perfect organization of both the Conference and the "Nightly Sessions".

¡Hasta pronto!


Manisha Lalloo said...

A massive thank to you José! Your posts, as always, have been amazing :)

Danielle Venton said...

Echoing that!! :-)

José Luis Vázquez-Poletti said...

Hi again!

This was a programmed post so I couldn't know that yesterday night, Dr. Jones would have those kind words for me and my near wedding.

I think it was thanks to you that this information was passed to him. Thank you, sincerely, I almost had to shed a tear...

BTW, the "Scientific Stag Night" was a success :-).