Sunday, September 20, 2009

Barcelona's Night Fever

Hi everybody after surviving to (and having enjoyed a lot) Barcelona's night!

Many of you have noticed that La Mercé festival takes place this week (starting from 24th), and of course, all activities in program are going to be great. What we learned yesterday night is that, as a way of warm-up, there are many things already happening in the city.

Yesterday night we started our "journey" dinning the typical Butifarra Sandwich (bocadillo) in El Born. Than, we decided to move along this historical district, as we found many activities like a live concert, interesting pub/discos and a great human environment.

I can affirm that we really enjoyed last night, and as proof, think that we ended more or less at 8 a.m. :-). By the way, let me propose you a very small trivia: yesterday night I took photos from specific details of the pubs/discos we visited. The idea is to identify which places we visited from them if you ever go at night in El Born and surroundings, and guess which our route was: 5.This last one is very difficult as we had to walk a lot from the previous places, so I will give a hint: it's name is "Plataforma".

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kouk said...

damn, I was there too that night, but I hadn't checked the blog in time :-( pity!