Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bored of boards?

Hello, Hola, Bonjour! Well, that was an interesting night out, La Rambla in all its glory, excellent tapas and late dinner, great company, much laughter, nearly missing our train stop as so busy chatting and only just getting through the metro gates at 11.59pm before they closed them :-)
Back to work now and a day of Boards ahead: Collaboration and Management meet in two distinct sessions today, the former to hear and discuss the latest status of the project and transition to EGI and the latter to discuss high level matters on behalf of the Collaboration.... Slides are ready, fingers keen and primed for minute taking for several hours (exhausting) ... with the carrot of a wonderful gala dinner at Mare Magnum tonight! So that's my lot for today...

ALSO, a very important lunch will be held today: the networking lunch for which a few tables are booked at the entrance of the restaurant for all who wish to join us, discuss, exchange views and debate on the subject of women in science.... That's related to all my Gender Action blogs written recently and I kindly urge you to please fill out those "women in science" postcards and return them to the dedicated box on the EGEE stand.. don't use them to write to family please
;-), we need your input!!!
looking forward to reading all your pearls of wisdom!!

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