Friday, September 25, 2009

Grid robots

We spent Thursday afternoon playing and filming some pretty cool robots over at the DORII (Deployment of remote Instrumentation Infrastructure) project stand.

The DORII robots, Dolli and Ranger, were built using Lego Mindstorm robots, and are available as Instrument Elements controllable via the VCR (Virtual Control Room) developed within the DORII project.

Users are able to issue commands to the robots, to steer them and to monitor the robot's surroundings. By using the robot's sensors they're able to measure things like the distance to objects around the robots, sound and light intensity.

During the demonstrations different kinds of instruments can be accessed using the DORII e-Infrastructure e.g. a camera located at the LMU in Munich.

DORII is focused on three research domains - earthquake research, environmental research and
experimental science. The "real" instruments currently integrated in the DORII infrastructure are, for example, cameras for costal observation, oceanographic measurement tools, earthquake sensors, the synchrotron in Trieste etc. which are accessible for a broader community of researchers over the Grid.

If you want more info pop over to their website at

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