Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gridway's Google Summer of Code projects

In my first blog post, I guess I should include the traditional:

10 Print "Hello GridCast"
20 Goto 10

And now onto something interesting...

At the tuturial sessions on Saturday, the gridway project gave a brief presentation on two Google summer of code projects.

  • GridWay + GoogleMaps web interface: by Carlos Martín, mentored by Dr. Alejandro Lorca.
  • Develop a GUI for GridWay: by Srini Vasan, mentored by Dr. José Luis Vázquez Poletti.
Both projects looked very impressive. They achieved a lot in 3 months, and clearly worked hard and to a high standard. Credit should also go to their mentors - for proposing projects that could be achieved in the time available.

Hopefully there will be a link to the presentaions on the gridway website sometime soon.



Alejandro said...

Thanks Chris, we are happy to see the projects have caused such good impression.
The presentations are available at the indico web site, under the GridWay part 2:

José Luis Vázquez-Poletti said...

Echoing that :-).

Thank you very much for your feedback, Chris.