Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chatting about Chelonia

Today I had a chat with my colleagues from KnowARC who are here to present a demo of their novel storage system,
Chelonia. The team includes Jon Nilsen from Oslo University, Salman Toor from Uppsala University and Zsombor Nagy
from NIIF in Budapest. I asked them about their experiences at EGEE'09:

Owen Appleton (OA): How has EGEE'09 been for you?
Jon Nilsen (JN): We've had several really interesting meetings, and made lots of new contacts.
Zsombor Nagy (ZsN): Yes, and good sessions too. I was especially impressed with the MyProxy talk. It was a great
example of how thinking a lot about the needs of the users lets you make good software.

OA: What has been the response to Chelonia?
Salman Toor (ST): Good! We had some great discussions with the SWING team from Switzerland. They are helping us to better understand user needs for Chelonia, how to make it easier to use and more acceptable to the community. Users
are a lot more aware these days as by now they have used many different systems. We have educated users that know
their priorities and needs.

OA: How was it giving a demo this week?
ZsN: People asked great questions!
ST: We also got some comments from people about how they are doing things. We shared ideas and it might lead to us
both improving our products!

OA: You made a video to accompany your demo, how was the experience?
ZsN: Making the video was a great experience, and I really enjoyed being able to find a way to show my work to
such a larger audience.
JN: It also made people stop at our stand while we were giving our demo, then we could show them Chelonia working.

Thanks guys! If you can handle my annoying voice-over, you can see the Chelonia video below.

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