Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We'll meet in Barcelona!

And... after 6 months, here I'm again at GridCast, trying to bring you the best of EGEE'09 feelings!

So this time is going to be in Barcelona. What can we say about the Magic Barcelona? We may start with a song from a swedish band (weird mix, huh?), now that I learned how to insert videos here:

Of course, what is a Computer Science (and related) Conference without computers? Here I'm providing you power plugs that are used in Spain:

Type C:
Type F:

Very important: the electricity parameters used are 230V and 50Hz.

Now that we have arranged the power supply for our "baby", it's time to know what clothes will be needed. Barcelona is very humid as it's located at the coast. If coming this weekend, bring an umbrella with you as some rain is expected. Maximum temperature will be 27ºC and minimum, 15ºC. Bring a jacket and some pullovers, as during the night it will surely be chilly.

Great, and now let's move to transportation. We, at the UCM team, are seriously considering buying the Barcelona Card. This card provides you free access to Barcelona's public transport and discounts in many cultural activities. If you buy it online from the link I'm giving you, you'll get it with a 10% discount.

Well, that's all for now... Stay tuned for more GridCast News!


Danielle Venton said...

Great hints! Thanks! Do you know of any cultural activities during the week we are there?

José Luis Vázquez-Poletti said...

Thank you Danielle!

I recommend two sites for getting information about any "happenings" during the week:

In English with extended information.

In Spanish BUT you access all the cultural activities for each day in a glance.

BTW, I also recommend to pay a visit to the current CAIXAFORUM exhibit (Maurice de Vlaminck paintings) and of course, to spend an afternoon in "Parque Güell", the fairy tale park created by Gaudí.

There's much to enjoy!

Neasan said...

Also Dali's home town of Figueres isn't that far. You'll find me here on Sunday hopefully.

José Luis Vázquez-Poletti said...

Well, Dalí's house is about 140 Km from Barcelona... but yes, It's something that's is also worth the trip!

Take care with the eggs from the roof!!! (not kidding :-D)