Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Belief in eInfrastructures

I'm here at the 7th e-Infrastructure Concertation Meeting, organised by the Belief project. We are already on the 2nd day. The first day was a great mixture of discussions, presentations and networking. The opening plenaries from Kostas Glinos and Carlo Rizzuto were brilliant overviews of the current and future plans for e-Science in Europe.

The most interesting session for me however was "Towards e-Science services" three talks with three very diverse viewpoints on the topic. The best talk for me in this session was
Paul Wouter from the Virtual Knowledge Studio. The VKS tries to bring together social scientists, humanities researchers, information technology experts and information scientists to provide insight in the way e-research can contribute to new research questions and methods. It was great to get a humanities view of "our" world.

After lunch I went to the Data service for user communities parallel track in the afternoon which had my favourite comment so far. Heard from the audience "Once we stop calling them e-Infrastructures and start just being Infrastructure have we won?".

We've already had today's plenary (and wrap up from the parallel sessions) and and now in a session on e-Science environments and interfaces so better get back to that.

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