Wednesday, October 21, 2009

EGEE at eChallenges

As Manisha has said EGEE, EGI and GridTalk are all here at eChallenges 2009 in Istanbul. The opening plenary was a bit special, wish I'd known that two of the talks were in Turkish (I may not have understood those) but the other two were a great opening to the day's sessions.

While the entire conference is underpinned by ICT the breadth of research on show is amazing with almost every academic (and industrial) discipline seemingly represented. I went along to the session on digital libraries and cultural heritage which was brilliant. It was case studies ranging from a collaboration digitizing entire churches (and their collections) using videos, 3D simulations and scanning documents to trying to record intangible cultural heritage such as tunes, dances, techniques and celebrations.

The last two talks in the session were a little more technology driven discussing the machinery of digitization. The first is a new machine for taking a picture of a document at 30 different wavelengths unveiling the unknown or unseen about a document. The second was new technology for stitching and blending high resolution images to form a large image which included a lot of detail but also a large field of view.

The rest of the week promises to be just as interesting and hopefully we can form some new relationships for our community with the people and projects here (already had a few people take and give business cards hope NA4 are ready).

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