Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's always who you know ....

eChallenges is a slightly different conference to what I'm used to. Networking usually means downloading a DVDs worth of data in a second here it's slightly different. The breadth of ICT based research (note not ICT focussed) here at the conference has thrown up some great talks, workshops and contacts.

We always worry about clouds vs grids but it is obvious that people here only care that it works and having the stand has been great. I've talked to people from Manchester, Bostwana, Greece, Turkey (unsurprisingly), Germany and even Lesotho (OK I have to put my hands up never heard of there). I've handed out more business cards than I ever have at any other conference. Hopefully I have gained some good contacts to use in the future for attracting new users onto the grid (at least one great conversation about an entire completely new community).

The other stands have some interesting projects too, ranging from Korea's eGovernment and visualisations of civil amenitiess to 3D television and networks for business and IT alignment. In between all of this I have been trying to go to sessions but most of the real work seems to happen in the corridors.

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