Friday, October 9, 2009

Nature Networking with iSGTW

What’s the best part about conferences? Networking with colleagues is the usual reply when we ask delegates this question, often accompanied by a sigh that there is never enough time to catch up with everyone you want to. So how can you keep in touch in between conferences to have those grid-related ‘water cooler’ conversations?

International Science Grid This Week now has an electronic forum on Nature Networks designed to encourage just this type of discussion. Nature Networks is an online scientific community moderated by the journal Nature. It’s non-profit and non-proprietary. Anyone can read the posts, just go to “iSGTW: grid computing, and more…”. To add your own posts, you can simply register and join in. (You can find details in the FAQ section).

Today’s threads ask: Is the cloud just a grid with a business model? What is the next killer app in computing? Why has magnetic tape hung around so long? Add your opinions on these threads, share your views on iSGTW articles or pose that burning question you’ve never had the chance to ask your colleagues. We’ll look forward to hearing from you!

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