Friday, November 20, 2009

World Community Grid Celebrates 5th Birthday

World Community Grid has now been running for 5 years. It has harvested nearly 300 thousand CPU years of run time and contributed them to 12 research projects benefiting humanity or the world. The researchers and World Community Grid give great thanks to the members who have signed up their machines to contribute!

Some highlights include finding a more reliable way to identify certain cancers early and contributing to protein and genome data bases for all scientists to use in their work to ultimately understand life and disease processes, eventually leading to better cures. Work continues searching for potential drug candidates for several diseases and looking for less expensive and more efficient materials for solar cells, for example.

We may not be on top of the conventional supercomputer list, but we do end up giving researchers the equivalent of years of dedicated supercomputer time, something they normally would not be able to receive. And, we may be the greenest supercomputer, using just spare time on already powered up machines while throttling back the CPU load so that energy consumption does not increase much on member's machines.

This is all cause to celebrate. As part of that celebration, we are holding a YouTube contest! Please go see the home page for how to enter and contribute to research! Thank you!

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