Monday, December 7, 2009

New GridBriefing on eHumanities

We've arrived at the 7th All Hands meeting in a very rainy Oxford. Located in the Kassam stadium, the programme is a packed schedule of events.

This morning the plenary session kicked off with a welcome from Anne Trefethen followed by a keynote talk from Helen Bailey of the e-Dance project at the University of Bedfordshire. Her talk highlighted a more unusual use for e-science, a case study of 'extreme interdisciplinarity' between dancers and e-scientists.

In fact one of the themes of this week's All Hands/IEEE conference is the application of e-science to the arts, humanities and social sciences. And to celebrate this, GridTalk are pleased to announce the release of our next GridBriefing, which discusses the topic of eHumanities. From "historical documents in archives and libraries, works of art in museums, archaeological finds in ancient sites, disappearing languages on the tongues of native speakers" digitisation is transferring the humanities to our computers providing researchers with new ways to access, store and work with data.

Download the new GridBriefing for free at the GridTalk website or if you're at the Kassam Stadium, you can pick up a copy from the GridPP stand downstairs.

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