Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ECRI 2010: Poster exhibition

I'm currently at ECRI 2010 in Barcelona, whose aims over the next two days are to provide an overview and update of European research infrastructures as well as to review important policy issues in the area.

GridTalk have a poster stand right in the middle of the exhibition area and our neighbours include the EUMedGrid-Support, EGEE-III and EELA-2 projects.

During this coffee break I've been having a chat with a couple of the newer projects - EU-IndiaGrid2 and outGRID.

Chiara Barattien, from outGRID, which began in November last year, explained how they are hoping to develop a worldwide e-infrastructure for neuroscience. During outGRID's duration it will promote interoperability between three already existing neuroscience infrastructures – neuGRID in the EU (already well known to GridCast), CBRAIN in Canada and LONI in the US. These three infrastructures all address similar needs for those in the neuroscientist community working in the field of Alzheimer's disease. outGRID will identify technical similarities and differences between the three to determine potential interoperability and to lay the foundations for a larger research and development effort which aims to achieve this interoperability between them.

EU-IndiaGrid2 on the other hand, is building on the achievements of the original EU-IndiaGrid Initiative to create sustainable e-infrastructures across Europe and India. Alberto Masoni, project director, is at ECRI 2010 fresh from trips to India for the EU-IndiaGrid2 Launch event, and to Taiwan for ISGC 2010. A recurring theme at ISGC 2010 was how to strengthen collaboration between Europe and Asai and this idea is at the heart of the EU-IndiaGrid project. Over the next three years, it will further strengthen collaboration between Europe and Asia and improve interoperation between Indian and European Grid Initiatives.

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